The Newry Street Unite Community Association was established by a group of local people in 2013. We have been active in developing a range of community activities, programmes and events within the Newry Street Area. Given that there was no community facility within the estates such activities were subject to weather conditions and run outdoors and under marquees for 5 years until The Newry Street Unite Committee created a high quality space for the local community to use with the development of the lands at Hillside Drive resulting in the construction of the Community building and the upgrade of the children’s playpark in 2018.

The Community facility has been planned and designed in consultation with the local community, and with community needs in mind. The social, health and wellbeing of the community is at the heart of this project. The lives of individuals, families and voluntary groups in the area has been enhanced and enriched for this and future generations to come.

By the creation of our community facility we have been able to assist with improving the quality of life for the people of our area by improving access to services, increasing community capacity and engagement with local residents. This community project focuses on connecting people in our community from diverse backgrounds by providing a place that the whole community can come together in.

We would like everyone to come along and get involved in the different activities we have planned in the centre. We have a busy schedule in place with a variety programmes for all ages.

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